The Bible and Debt

Most people know that the Bible

provides a lot of advice on how to live a good life. It explains how we should treat others, the difference between right and wrong, the "golden rule", etc. Most people would even agree that following the advice given inthe Bible is a good idea.

But is the Bible more than just an explanation of the 10 commandments? Is it just a book on morals and ethics, or does it contain practical advice about other aspects of our lives, including how to manage our finances?

Here is a quick quiz to test your knowledge of how relevant the Bible is today in regards to money. Answer each statement below as either TRUE or FALSE.

1. There are over 2,200 references in the Bible directly related to money and possessions. (true or false)

2. The Bible has 3 times as many references to money as to love. (true or false)

3. There are 7 times as many references to money as to prayer. (true or false)

4. It includes 8 times as many references to money as to belief. (true or false)

5. That 1/5 of Jesus' teaching was on money and possessions. (true or false)

6. 17 out of 38 (almost half) of all the parables were teachings about money. (true or false)

7. Jesus talked more about money than any other single topic besides the Kingdom of God? (true or false)

How do you think you did? It may come as a surprise, but all of the answers are TRUE. If you are surprised, you aren't alone. Few people realize how much the Bible talks about money. Most churches don't teach much on the subject. They often talk about what to do with 10% of your money, but what about the other 90%?

Questions To Ponder:

- Why did Jesus spend 15% of his recorded words on the one subject of money and possessions?

- Why would God choose to devote twice as many verses in the Bible to money than to faith and prayer combined?

- Why did Jesus say more about how we are to view and handle money and possessions than about any other single subject?

The answer to those questions can also be found in the Bible.

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