The founders of CuraDebt had, at the time of founding CuraDebt, been involved in busines for over 25 years, with experience in real estate licenses, real property, hard to find loans, and the inner works of banks and lending policies.  This experience complements heir ability to negotiate settlements with lien holders, banks (credit card companies and mortgage banks), and resolve various other disputes.  These factors create the ability to assist the consumer or business that is experiencing financial difficulty by negotiating mutually acceptable settlements.

The Basics of Bankruptcy

Whether you're up to your neck in loans, out of work or stretching one small paycheck to meet ever-growing obligations, nearly everyone occasionally flirts with the idea of ditching their debt.

All Financial Matters

Dave Ramsey's Snowball Method vs. Suze Orman's Method for Getting Out of Debt

Common Debt Consolidation Problems

Usually, when people opt to choose a debit consolidation company, they are looking for a way to lower the amount of money they are paying out monthly to creditors; they want to combine all their bills into one to make it easier to pay them. One of the most common mistakes people make when jumping into a debt consolidation solution is failing to do the necessary research before choosing a debt consolidation company.

Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement

The process of settling on a debt involves negotiating a lower payoff amount to resolve the outstanding debt owed to a creditor. Debt settlement should normally not be considered an option if the debt is still held by the original creditor. If you are in this situation, and unable to bring the account to current status, you should seek the assistance of a certified credit counselor in order to discuss options for restoring your account to current status. Credit counseling is a process that can help you improve credit and eliminate debt.

Credit Counseling - Should You Use It?

More and more people are turning to credit counselors to help them get out from under a mountain of debt. Some consumers are finding out the hard way, however, that not all credit counselors are created equal.

Christian Debt Counseling

Christian Debt Counseling can help you find ethical and biblical debt relief solutions.

Higher Fico Score

Let us EDUCATE you, on how YOU CAN FORCE the credit reporting agencies to REMOVE ALL of the unverified NEGATIVE items on your credit report.

Prosperity Power Plan

If you want to live a life worth living you first need to learn how to....Live Within Your Means...Then Learn How to Achieve the Means to Live Your Dreams!

Attorney Quality Bankruptcy

There's no way you can complete the official bankruptcy forms unless you have step-by-step instructions OR you are a trained attorney. Since the law allows you to file yourself and they don't treat you any differently with or without an attorney, Why pay $2,000 or more of money you probably don't have?

Additonal Information

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What does the Bible have to say about debt?