Dealing with Debt Stress


Having debts can make a person feel desperate and depressed. Being depressed only clouds your judgment and you need that to get you out of a rut. Owing money can really make you feel like you’re doomed. Try lifting your spirits with these tips:

Get enough sleep. Worrying over money can make one restless. Note to self: don’t lose sleep over problems. It will only add to your stress. Forcing yourself to think of a solution overnight will only make you exhausted in the morning. If you do this, your work will suffer and maybe even your health.

Go to the store, but only to window-shop. You might think that now isn’t the best time to check the racks but if you aren’t spending, why not? Window-shopping can boost your energy because seeing things you wanna buy will make you realize that the sooner you settle your accounts, the sooner you can shop again.

Don’t think of your debt all day. Indeed, it’s a big problem, but it’s not the end of the world. After making sure you’ve got all your bills recorded, you can give yourself a time off. Go out for a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. You might get important insights on handling finances more effectively.

Pray and seek counsel. Not that we’re promoting any particular faith or religion for that matter but if you believe in something, prayers/meditation work. If you have time to ask for help, ask. You can also seek guidance and practical tips from your family and friends. Get their support so you can really be empowered to fix your financial crisis.

Appreciate your blessings. Don’t forget that you still have a lot of things you have to be grateful for. You’re not all debts, you still have assets! You’re not the poorest person in the world because you still have a home, and you can still pay for your meals.

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