Consolidation is Not a Good Idea

Anyone who is finding it difficult to make the payments on their loans or credit card payments is most likely feeling a little overwhelmed. The economy has made it tough on a lot of people. The first thing that many think of when they are behind on their loan and credit card payments is to get a consolidation loan in order to combine their debts into one payment. They feel this may be the best solution to their financial problems; however, debt consolidation is not a good idea.

One of the main issues that arise is you may not be able to borrow enough to cover all of your debt. In other words, you may still be making smaller payments to some of your creditors, while trying to make the larger payment on the loan that combined some of your debt. For a lot of people, it is simply not going to work. The end result could be that you end up further in the hole than you were before.

Another disadvantage of debt consolidation is many of the borrowers tend to get stuck with higher interest rates and lengthier loans. The interest rates on each one of your debts may be much lower and the terms shorter. Therefore, by taking out a loan to combine your debt, you are only going to end up paying a lot more. It may not save you any money at all and, in the end, you could end up having to pay more on the debt.

More than likely, if you have a high debt-to-income ratio or if your credit report shows that you have late payments, you will not qualify for a standard loan.  In this event, you may qualify for a secured loan, which means that you only can borrow on the value of the collateral.  You essentially would be risking a car or a home for the benefit of combining unsecured debt; not worth it!

The economy has certainly played an important role in the financial health of many people. If you have found yourself over your head in credit card payments and loans, consider all of your options before you choose debt consolidation. It may be the perfect solution for one individual, but for another, it could simply make matters worse. Before you take that first step, do your research to determine if it is the right solution for you.

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